StarEye 7″ Inch Dome 12 LED Magnet/Permanent Mount Beacon


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The Abrams StarEye 12 LED Warning Beacon is made up of 12, 3 watt super high intensity LED diodes offering an extremely bright light output. With 30 select-able flash patterns and sync-ability between multiple units, this emergency vehicle strobe warning light is one of the most convenient ways to achieve 360 degrees of visual warning. With the included magnet, cigarette lighter adapter, and permanent mounting option, the Abrams StarEye 7″ Inch LED Warning Beacon is guaranteed to make you seen and satisfy your visual warning needs. Certified SAE J845 Class 1 and SAE J578 for Amber, Blue, Red, White & Purple. Meets California Title 13 Class B with Amber, Blue, and Red.

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Amber, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, White


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