Taurus Premium 12V 2 Switch Box Panel




Abrams Premium 12V Switch Panel – Perfect For All Your Project’s Needs

Whether you’re working on improving your car, setting up night lights in your back yard, or virtually any other electrics-related projects, these 12V switch panels are right up your alley.

With an their heavy duty construction, impressive list of technical features, wider range of different models, and unparalleled Abrams manufacturer support, they’re the best choice currently on the market!

The Right 12V Switch Panel Box To Get The Job Done – And Keep Doing It For A Long, Long Time!



  • Heavy Duty Multifunction Switch Box Panel Plate
  • Dimensions: 2.95″L x 2.2″H x 1.57″D
  • Powered By 12V
  • LED-lit Switches With 15 amp inline fuses
  • (1) ON/OFF Rocker Switch with LED Light
  • (1) Momentary Switch
  • L Bracket Shape For Easier Mounting & Installation
  • Universal Compatibility Design


Industrial-Grade Quality You Can Put Your Faith In

At Abrams, we don’t joke around when it comes to our 12V switch panel boxes. They have to be reliable and effective, and in order for that, we know very well there’s no room for cutting corners.

Unlike other manufacturers, we insist on using nothing but the finest quality, heavy duty components. That’s the only way we\ can be certain that every single one of our lunch bags will meet your high standards and expectations.

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

Order Your Own Abrams Premium 12V Switch Panel Today!


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